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 Counselling for Teenagers

Teenagers often feel misunderstood, alone and confused. They find the space I offer,  a safe space to navigate the tricky road between being an adult and still a child. Parents often feel like they are failing. 


I offer a place to talk about relationships, changes in the body, stress of peer pressure and school/varsity, exam stress, parents divorce, friendships, trauma, blended families, and any other concerns that you may be struggling with.


I've had clients who needed to find themselves after an abortion. Teenagers have also come to see me to get past molestation and rape.

Parents have also come with their child to find healthy ways of communicating as the teenager develops.

You (whether you are a teenager or a parent) are not alone, let me help you.

When my teenager went to Farhana I was concerned as she wasn't really talking. Through the work with Farhana, she opened up to having an abortion, she made peace with it and invited me in to navigate through it as well. I had an individual session with Farhana to address my concerns as a parent, seeing my child in new eyes, being sexually active and making this hard decision on her own. The sessions helped bring us closer together. LM

I will assist you to go through your experiences, and need to gain calmness, healing clarity, meaning and purpose.

I will compassionately help you, in my integrated way, to you navigate areas of stress (any situation you are struggling with) or trauma to build resilience to live your life and have happy moments and satisfaction.

Give me a call (0836449338) or pop me an email ( and let our journey begin.

I offer Counselling, Support, EMDR for Trauma, Family/Systemic Constellations, HeartMath for self regulation. I also use visualisation and meditation in my work.  Find out more here.

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Disclaimer: While there is a high success rate, there are no guarantees with any intervention.

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