My Relationship

Give yourself the Opportunity to really Know Why you got into your relationship, and the gift of connection.

We all get into relationships for connection, belonging, understanding love, and to create something together.

All relationships will have many seasons over time and will reach crossroads, which call for reflection and transformation. 

That could look like anger, distrust, an affair, stagnation, disinterest, or sadness. You may feel disconnected and alone and may either fight to make it work, or be quiet. You may notice your partner do the same. 

You may get into a pattern of arguing and fighting or living, which leaves you exhausted and confused.

Or you may be newly engaged or married and there is so much change that you feel overwhelmed as to how to navigate it. Perhaps you fight over in-laws, or how to pack the fridge. 

I have some solutions for you... 

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Ways to work with Me to Heal and Grow Your Relationship

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Two Day Intensive - Encounter Centred Couples Transformation

The Gift that Just Keeps Giving

We have a 50 minute joint session and then an individual session with each of you so I get a feel for you and then, almost putting all that aside in Private, two day sessions, International relationship specialist, Farhana Goga  will guide you to breathe new life into and reinvent your relationship.

Every relationship is a living laboratory in which couples help one another on the path to Relational Maturity and living the purpose they came together to create - in a way a Self Actualisation of Togetherness.

In the two days you will open your eyes and your heart to the previously unseen and unfolding possibilities in your connection. You will be amazed how these fresh insights energise you and your partnership. You will begin to dream again.

Most couples who choose to do this have a strong desire for change and are caught in a power struggle which seems to hijack the love and connection they know lies beneath, or perhaps once knew.  

They desire to break the stalemate and find themselves and each other again (or perhaps for the first time) and open themselves to connection. 

They have a desire to learn how to see each others point of view, to be changed by it and find solutions that work for them both. They wish to deeply understand the other and be understood, and be truly joyful in what they find. 

They know they deserve the gift they are about to give their relationship.