Couples Therapy

The quality of our relationships determine the quality of our lives

Marriage/your relationship is not a problem to be solved! You can have joy and deep connection and Intimacy. Take the risk and let me teach you how.

In the first stage of therapy, I aim to understand what you are looking for and assist you in exploring that.  If you want to stay together, and have a securely attached relationship, you need to be willing to engage and change. And if you choose to go your separate ways, lets do that as gently as we can. 

We will meet together for the first session. I will then see you separately for a session (or a few). We will then meet together and I will see you individually as we need to. Therapy is a process and can appear slow, especially in the first stage, you need to trust the process and be patient.

In Stage 1, we understand where you are, what's happening in the relationship, how you got there. Indirectly and directly we look at communication, blocks, longings, and will use the modalities and processes suitable for the goals of therapy. Remember therapy takes time.

Once we uncover this, you get clarity and you can decide if you wish to create and develop a securely attached relationship, go your separate ways, or find another way to co-exist without having a securely attached relationship. 

That leads to Stage 2 - either going deeper or letting go or finding what works for you both.

Some of the issues that can affect a relationship:

  • finances,

  • little frustrations,

  • loss,

  • affairs,

  • addictions ,

  • empty nest,

  • doing the same things for the last 20 years,

  • feeling disconnected,

  • getting stuck in the mundane and survival mode.

  • communication

  • or perhaps you have a loving, connected relationship and you have had a crisis as a couple and would like to lean into each other to help you through it.

The philosophy that guides my powerful transformational couples therapy/marriage counselling/couples counselling/relationship counselling  is:

* Attachment theory (we are born with the need to connect and be nurtured);

* Our past plays out in the present and we can create a bridge to the past in the present and bring healing;

* Constellation work can assist in identifying and healing underlying dynamics.

* Couples need skills to be in relationship and these are not taught to us.

* Couples can heal each other and create a deep connection through The Encounter - a way of engaging with each other.

My specific Couples training:

I am currently training to be certified in Emotionally Focused Couples therapy (Externship, Advanced Externship and ongoing Supervision).

I have also done Gottman Level 1

Encountered Centred Couples Therapy

Interactional Couples Therapy

Family/Systemic Constellations

I am a Cash Practice, so do not claim directly from Medical Aid, you can submit your invoices to medical aid.