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Couple Therapy/Marriage Counselling/Separation Counselling/Divorce Counselling/Relationship Constellations

Marriage/your relationship is not a problem to be solved! You can have joy and deep connection and Intimacy. Take the risk and let me teach you how.

The philosophy that guides my powerful transformational couples therapy/marriage counselling/couples counselling/relationship counselling  is:

* Attachment theory (we are born with the need to connect and be nurtured);

* Our past plays out in the present and we can create a bridge to the past in the present and bring healing;

* Constellation work can assist in identifying and healing underlying dynamics.

* Couples need skills to be in relationship and these are not taught to us.

* Couples can heal each other and create a deep connection through The Encounter - a way of engaging with each other.

Some of the issues that can affect a relationship: finances, little frustrations, loss, affairs, addictions , empty nest, doing the same things for the last 20 years, feeling disconnected, getting stuck in the mundance and survival mode of

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Couples Transformation(EcCT)

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Couples Therapy(EFT)

I offer weekly sessions, 2 day intensive sessions, constellations and workshops. Details are available on my Couples Website.

Farhana enabled my partner and I to listen to each other, understand our patterns, use tools to self-regulate and reach out to each other and remain connected even when things were difficult.


When my partner and I went to see Farhana, I thought we were there to save the marriage. My partner decided to end it. Farhana helped us do so and then helped me heal and love life again. LV

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Disclaimer: While there is a high success rate, there are no guarantees with any intervention.

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