My Story


I am the right person for you if you are ready to deep dive to heal, grow and thrive in your life and your business.

I have had a rich career over the years and a thriving psychology practice.

For many years I enjoyed having a fairly nomad life, just going with the flow, focusing my following my heart and one day my heart decided it was time to be still, consolidate and reach new levels of success. It felt like it really was my time to step into my next steps, and to keep taking the steps. 

You really can overcome mindset and trauma and enter post-traumatic growth to reach new levels of success (as defined by you)

I have 2 businesses based on my experiences:

One is for Entrepreneurs aiming for 6/7 figures who know that healing ones own personal trauma and patters are key for a life of joy and to create the capacity to deal with what life brings. In this business I help Entrepreneurs heal, grow and thrive in their personal and professional life. I offer 1-1 and Group Programmes for the Entrepreneur who wants to achieve life and business success (as defined by them)

My second business is for anyone not an entrepreneur who wants to heal, grow and thrive. They can also work with me 1-1 and through programmes available to work through in their own time.

In my personal life, I loved being a Singleton and chose not to have kids, through a deep and continuous journey. I am now in a relationship with an Economist (chalk & cheese but wouldn't want a different person) and a Step mom (pretty tough most days), and I continue following my my inner knowing and taking the inspired acton, as well as engaging with my partner so we can find our way.

On my website you will find ways to work with me, resources and courses to help you explore, disentangle, heal, thrive, uncover aliveness, connectedness and vitality in yourself and your relationships. So, find what is right for you, and let me join you on your journey of recovery and success.