Individual Transformation & Healing

Explore, Heal, Grow, Thrive

Individuals seek therapy/counselling/coaching in times of crisis, dissatisfaction, trauma, grief or to gain personal understanding, healing and growth.

Some of what clients come to me with include:

  • Personal Development and growth

  • anxiety

  • depression

  • saddness

  • dissatisfaction

  • grief

  • new life circumstances

  • relationship issues (self, partner, children, parents, in-laws, colleagues etc)

  • a challenging life situation

  • decisions

  • stress 

  • disregulation

  • trauma (hi-jacking, rape,  etc)

  • break-ups

  • addiction

  • abortion

  • transitions

  • pandemics

Sometimes it's been about growth and finding purpose, e.g

  • post-divorce

  • post-breakup trauma

  • a new job

  • a new relationship

  • etc

Healing, Transformation and living life effectively is a process that requires a willingness to change and a commitment to go through the process.

We aim to shift you from your confusion, overwhelm, dissatisfaction etc to be able to be more authentic and effective in your life.


What to Expect

I use an integrated approach to assist you in your journey.  I work both with what's happening internally for you as well as the impact you have on others.

In the first session I will invite you to share with me what is happening in your life and for you to put me in the picture of you.  

Thereafter we will begin the work. Through the corrective experience of the therapeutic process and relationship AND as you show up for yourself in therapy, therapy/ counselling can bring peace, self-reflection, meaning and insights into yourself and your life. The ultimate outcome is for you to self actualise  as you navigate life, in all its joys and challenges, so you can show up for you and those around you.

Together, within the therapeutic frame and using a variety of tools, we explore, validate/release your stuck experiences, create meaning and purpose, while offering you new ways of being and engaging with those around you. Ultimately we aim to get you to be impactful and effective in your life. 

During sessions there is a relationship building piece which is made up of talk sessions, where I get a sense of what brought you to see me and what we should do in the process of therapy.  We also us talk in ongoing sessions, as we explore what is bubbling up for you. We then may move on to the stablisation/safety stage if needed based on where you are at, and then the intervention phase, to address the issues you came to therapy for, followed by the maintenance/personal growth phase. These are adapted based on your issue, my framework and my treatment plan and where you are as well as what may be needed as we progress in the work. The average duration is usually 3 months - a year. Sessions can be made up of talking,  BWRT, Brainspotting, Systemic Constellations, HeartMath, Emotionally Focused Therapy and other modalities in your process.