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Individual Therapy - Adults/General

Individuals seek therapy/counselling in times of crisis or to gain personal understanding, healing and growth and I'm guessing that's where you are, and I can help.

Some of what previous clients have come to me with include:

  • Personal Development and growth

  • anxiety, depression

  • new life circumstances

  • relationship issues (self, partner, children, parents, in-laws, colleagues etc)

  • a challenging life situation

  • decisions

  • stress and needing to remain calm

  • rape

  • trauma (hi-jacking etc)

  • break-ups

  • addiction

  • abortion

  • transitions

Sometimes it's been about growth and finding purpose, e.g

  • post-divorce

  • post-breakup trauma

  • spirituality

  • post-cult

  • post-addiction

  • a new job

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I will assist you to go through your experiences, and need to gain calmness, healing clarity, meaning and purpose.

I will compassionately help you, in my integrated way, to you navigate areas of stress (any situation you are struggling with) or trauma to build resilience to live your life and have happy moments and satisfaction.

Give me a call (0836449338) or pop me an email ( and let our journey begin.

I offer Counselling, Support, Brainspotting, BWRT, EMDR, Family/Systemic Constellations, HeartMath and the Enneagram. I also use visualisation and meditation in my work. Find out more here.

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Farhana was recommended to me by a friend and for the purposes of constellation work. I met Farhana at (for want of a better term) a 'trying' time in my life on both a professional and personal level.

Following my introductory session with Farhana last Spring, I have not looked back.


Farhana has used a variety of techniques in our sessions from constellation, to the emotional freedom technique to heart math and also general processing sessions where we have discussed where I am at, anxiety levels etc.


I have benefitted hugely from my time spent with Farhana and each session has always felt gentle but with direction. I cannot recommend Farhana enough. HC

I went to see Farhana because I was suffering with lots of anxiety and was finding the stress and anxiety difficult to manage and it was effecting my ability to make healthy life decisions as well as causing problems in my work and personal life.
I could see that she used a variety of interesting methods such as heart math which suggested you weren't the run of the mill psychologist! (Whatever that is)

Farhana is friendly, non judgmental and had a very clear plan of how we could work together. I love the fact there are takeaways from the session and practical tools I can use in real life, and have used to great effect!

You have helped me hugely in working through my thoughts and feelings and I can truly say I have gone from a nervous wreck to a much happier and healthier person since we started our sessions. My confidence and ability to think through challenges before making snap decisions has also increased considerably. AM

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Disclaimer: While there is a high success rate, there are no guarantees with any intervention.

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