I have had many therapists throughout my life and at one point I became quite skeptical about the process. However, after finding Farhana through psychotherapy.co.za  (looking for someone in the area) her eclectic approach struck me. We instantly connected, she is compassionate, insightful and honest. With her support, I truly realize the validity and support therapy can bring with the right therapist. I feel lucky to have found her and relief in the fact that even if I move or am away that I can still have sessions through Skype or Facetime. I appreciate the exercises and heart math she encourages and enjoy the activities. She has been helping me through a rough time and through past behavioral patterns in which I feel I have made more progress in 6 months with Farhana than I ever have and I highly recommend her services. MB

Half way through my heartMath sessions I realised I was feeling more alive and loving my life and work. I felt renewed. Initially I resisted the HeartMath tool, but now I am hooked, it centre me daily and I can reset myself in middle of a tough situation at work and home

I worked with Farhana on some general life issues, I felt "a bit out of sorts". Through the integrated sessions we had, within the first session I began to feel relief. We then proceeded to explore the various aspects of my life, and I began to feel more in tune with my needs and understand what was going on around me. I began to have the courage to implemtn  some changes and find me. ND

I would describe our sessions more as life coaching. I think this is because I went to Farhana because I was experiencing a lot of confusion and was terrified that I would make some bad decisions and send my life off-course. I needed a way to manage my emotions and try to understand why they were in turmoil and what I could, should do about it without doing something drastic and stupid. I quite literally needed a coach to help me stay competitive in the game, or race, of life. Given my work situation, I could not access a local therapist and was thrilled to find someone open to Skype sessions and face to face when I was in the same country. I felt and cut off from many of my normal support networks or simple pastimes/escapes that helped me manage my emotions back home (I was working in a foreign country).  


My situation required a lot of resilience and I think at the end of the day this is what Farhana helped me with the most. She was a non-judgmental sounding board for my emotions and my crazy thoughts, so I could lay them all out for someone without having to be driven mad by them buzzing around my head. She reflected back the things I couldn't see because of the foggyness in my head. She helped me to really think about what I wanted, devise a game plan to have some very challenging conversations with my husband in order to move my relationship forward and essentially keep working at it.  One of the biggest stresses in life is getting it from all angles - home, work, family - and not feeling like you've got anyone on your side and I think this turns into negative spirals. You can't share your crazy thoughts because it would upset and scare other people, so you end up feeling isolated and that you must be going a bit mad. The reassurance that this can just be part of a process, that other people have been there too and that you can come out the other side is really important. 

Although I'd describe this as life coaching, I think it's probably quite important that it's done by a psychologist. A straight-forward untrained life coach might be too credulous of the emotions a client/patient was reporting. I think emotions cannot always be trusted because they change and are affected by a lot of things, including what you learnt about emotions and how to deal with them as a child. I think fear, and particularly fear of death, hides in lots of guises and depending upon each person's level of emotional intelligence, they may not be able to accurately define what their emotions mean without a bit of help. Thank you! H

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