Interventions for Organisations


Helping your Employees Navigate Change, this can also include getting an informal "temperature" reading on how your employees are doing.



Tailored Workshops:
Including:  Stress Management/Work-Life Balance/Healthy Living/Debriefing and Self Care:

These programmes get adjusted to your organisation. I can include understanding, stress, burnout, resilience and PTSD. And then navigating through it with practical tools and interventions. Or I can just focus on some aspect of this.

I have in the past also done workshops on parenting and change - management,


Systemic Constellations

Understand the hidden dynamics of your team/business/organisation with a systemic constellation.


Enneagram and/OR MBTI

The Enneagram and/or MBTI are great tools to understand motivations behind behaviours (Enneagram) and preferences (MBTI), and team dynamics.

Contact me for the above and my sessions integrating the Enneagram, MBTI and HeartMath.

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We chose to do a stress programme and some of the the HeartMath tools were introduced and was amazed at how quickly we could identify our stressors and change our responses by going into neutral and then prepare for the day with a heartlock in.

My Team did the stress Management and well-being programme and loved it, we still use the tools a year later!

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Disclaimer: While there is a high success rate, there are no guarantees with any intervention.

A note to any marketing/sales people please do not contact me to solicit business of any kind.

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