The Well-Being Project

1-1 packages and Intensives

Drip Programmes arriving in 2023


Give yourself the opportunity to Heal, Grow, Thrive; Re-Wire Your Brain and Your relationship

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Individual Transformation

Are you ready to heal your trauma, negative beliefs and patterns you know keep you stuck, disconnected from yourself, those around you and your deepest desires?

Are you ready to enter new possibilities of growth? 

Have you had a transition - a new job, a break-up, a new relationship, a new stage in life and you would like to adjust better?

Do you know its your time and you are ready to take the next steps to transform your experience in the world?

Are you feeling confused, angry, hurt and would like to have clarity, certainty within yourself, and you are ready to take the steps to it? 

I offer you a safe, warm environment to face the challenges you have when are ready to heal and make the changes to live the life you desire, so you can self-actualise, live impactfully and effectively. 

Couples Transformation

Are you ready to create new possibilities in your relationship and take the steps to unravel the knot that keeps you locked in distress and discord? 

My private 2 day Intensives offer you a deep dive into the untangling of the survival knot which leaves you exhausted and help you move from distress, discord, disconnection to connection, possibilityrelaxation, understanding and safety.

Are you ready to heal from the affair? Feel greater connection and repair the hurt to open yourself to the joy of connection and trust? My 2 day intensive is an amazing gift for your relationship.

I also offer weekly sessions - visit the Relationship section to understand and explore which may be best for you. 

I also have a one or two day pre-marital program.