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Success Unlocking Heal, Grow, Thrive. 

Strategy, Mindset, Trauma Healing; Pattern Interruption; Core-Identity Development. Re-program the Subconscious and Brain-Body System

Success Unlocking ™ 1-1 and group programs for Entrepreneurs and leaders to Heal, grow and thrive in their personal life and business development. 

Whether you are wanting to heal from past events, or navigate the changes as you uplevel; or feel burnout and need to reaccess I can assist. If you need to pause and bring the joy back, or gain clarity in your business, pick one of my options available and lets get cracking or healing). Personal and Business development is an ongoing journey, and at different stages you may require different things. Healing; cutting back; reassessing; pausing or forging ahead. We all need time for ourselves to do what we need to so we can be show up in our life and business as we choose to.

Below is the pricing. There is a special South African Rate at the moment.


6 Week 1-1 Program:

In this program we meet for 60 minutes over 6 weeks and either work on business clarity or we work on your personal healing and development. In our first session we will decide what you need and what the plan will be (this session may be 90 minutes). 6 weeks of voxer access. Fee: $3333. Payment Plan available


12 Week 1-1

12 Week 1-1 Program:

In this program we meet for 60 minutes over 12 weeks, we will either work on your healing or do a combination or healing and strategy for your business. Fee: $5555 and includes voxer access for 12 weeks. Payment Plan Available


Introductory South African Rate

As part of my transition any new South Africa client can apply for a South African rate. A few options are available:
1. Without Voxer Support:
- 6 weeks: R12222
- 12 weeks: R24444
2. With Voxer Support:…
- 6 weeks: R15555 (can be paid over 2 months)
- 12 weeks: R30000  (can be paid over 3 months).
3. R2555 for the 60 min adhoc sessions (payable before the session). None of my new sessions are claimable from medical aid. The rates are subject to change. And I may seize offering a SAn rate in time.


Brainspotting Intensives

Brainspotting Intensives

Research has shown that intensive healing on a specific issue can bring about deep and meaningful change on a subconscious level. In this intensive we meet 4 times over a 2 week period for 60-90 minutes to dive deep into your healing. The first session will be to decide what we will do and develop some resources. 

This intensive is amazing for deep healing as well as for expansion. It can be used for money blocks; trauma healing; removal of blocks and open into business expansion to name but a few. Fee: $3333


Sessions as you need

Once off Sessions:

Can be used for healing or strategy.

60 minute Session. $555

90 Minute Session: $777

3 hour sessions (suitable for some specific process) $1333


Group Programmes

Group Programs:

- Springboard into Success - 12 week group program covering some healing and business basics

- Goal Setting: Drip feed process. Covers tools to get out of blocks; actions and actual setting of goals. 

- Money Success Unlocking ™ We look at Worth; Rates and Debt. Can also be done 1-1


Relationship Coaching & Therapy

I've been a Couples Coach for a number of years and as an Entrepreneur you need to navigate your relationship as well, or perhaps you have gone through heart ache. All my sessions can also be used for you/ you and your partner to heal or develop understanding.