Success Unlocking ™

Heal, Grow, Thrive 

Strategy, Mindset, Trauma Healing; Pattern Interruption; Core-Identity Development.

Re-wire; Re-Programme; Heal; Act; Thrive;  Live Life from Heart, Soul and Impactfully. 

You can have the success and the impact you wish to have and to do it your way.

1-1 and group programs for Entrepreneurs and Leaders to Heal, grow and thrive in their personal life and business development. 

Whether you are wanting to heal from past events, or navigate the changes as you uplevel; or feel burnout and need to reaccess I can assist. If you need to pause and bring the joy back, or gain clarity in your business, pick one of my options available and lets get cracking or healing). Personal and Business development is an ongoing journey, and at different stages you may require different things. Healing; cutting back; reassessing; pausing or forging ahead. We all need time for ourselves to do what we need to so we can be show up in our life and business as we choose to.

As part of my transition, while I still have my past practice running,  any new South Africa client can apply for a South African rate… if needed, - see info and pricing for more information.  None of my new sessions are claimable from medical aid. The rates are subject to change. And I may seize offering a SAn rate in time.

As an Entrepreneur or Business Owner, you know you need to take quick action. You know that your inner work gives you more capacity to reach for your dreams.

Whether its trauma, mindset or strategy or all of that, I can help you. Knowing what to tackle is important, as a Psychologist in South Africa, a Transformational coach and an Entrepreneur myself, I can assist you with the deep transformation and practical knowledge needed to free you, give your the confidence to show up and be visible, and live the life you desire.

You know you have some patterns, perhaps even trauma experiences that hold you back. You know are your business grows, your Core-Identity needs to shift to. The patterns of your past are ready to shift. You know that your inner work could help you in your business, and if not, the peace it brings will free up the space to be more YOU.  

Did you know that the common beliefs that get in our way of success is "I'm not worthy" "I'm not lovable" I'm not enough" and "I am not important" "I don't have the right".

You are ready to heal your saboteurs, your trauma, past relationships and patterns and it really is your time.

I offer 1-1 sessions and group programs.


Group Programs:

- Springboard into Success - 12 week group program covering some healing and business basics

- Goal Setting: Drip feed process. Covers tools to get out of blocks; actions and actual setting of goals. 


Couple Session; 6 week program; 12 week Programs