“Psychologists help people of all ages live happier, healthier and more productive lives.”

The American Psychological Association

Image by Jeremy Bishop

A Bit About Therapy and Coaching with Me

Let me meet you where you are at, and help you navigate to where you want to be.

Individuals seek therapy when they have had a difficult experience (e.g. a break-up, trauma, divorce, loss etc), are dissatisfied with something in their lives, desire to learn more about themselves or to grow. I work from a person-centred perspective, integrating different modalities to assist you to overcome your challenges so that you can live from the best version of you. I understand your life and world from a systemic perspective (you are a system in a system) and also use Brain-based techniques, Heart-based techniques and interpersonal understandings to help you make sense of your life as well as shift and change areas we identify. 

A personal development journey can be a challenging process. We begin by establishing safety and a secure relationship, and then we begin to work on the issues through modalities within this safe relationship we create. During this process I may also challenge you, and "hold" you while doing so. Your well-being and having fulfilling interactions with yourself and others is my key focus. 

Couples seek therapy when they are feeling stuck, dissatisfied, or wanting to experience something more pithing the relationship. In my sessions, we seek to make the negative patterns between you visible, we then explore the deeper needs and longings underneath them, and learn to be able to reach for your partner and have them respond, as well as reach for you.

I am a Cash Practice, so do not claim directly from Medical Aid, you can submit your invoices to medical aid.  The scope of therapy is defined by the Health Professionals Counsel.  For fees and to schedule an appointment, please visit my Bookingsite.