Who is Therapy/Counselling For?



  • experiencing anxiety or depression

  • going through a life change

  • feeling confused

  • wondering where to go to next, dealing with a challenging life event/circumstance or needing to make a decision.

  • dealing with lots of stress and stressful situations and need to keep a cool head.
  • finding themselves being snappy and irritable at home or work.

  • at a cross roads in your life or relationship

  • feeling their relationship needs saving, or may be ending

  • needing to reconnect with their partner and long to deepen the relationship

  •  a teenager battling with cutting OR a sense of uncertainty, OR struggling with friendships OR trying to navigate and find who they are, OR maybe had an abortion OR wondering about sex

  • a parent needing to understand your child's developmental stage and how to really connect with them

  •  stuck with a pattern, fear or family dynamics that don't seem to shift.

  • looking to come more into your own and grow

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Disclaimer: While there is a high success rate, there are no guarantees with any intervention.

A note to any marketing/sales people please do not contact me to solicit business of any kind.

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