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Money Mindset

Our relationship with money mirrors our relationship with other aspects in our lives.

For the Money Mindset of my offerings, you can work with me 1-1 or via the group programs. 

Understanding how you are with money, and what your defaults are, allows you to make better choices and live by design.

When we change our relationship with money, we get more choice. What we do with that choice is up to us. 

I have people working with their money mindset at all stages of business and life.

Some have 7figure businesses yet still feel like money isn't enough, or spend in ways that leave them not feeling supported by money.

They may abandon themselves and money.

Wherever you are with your relationship with money, knowing your sacred money archetype, unlocking your subconscious stories and blocks, working with debt, fees and your worth will take your relationship and your outcomes to a whole new level.

The MoneyDNA is a Bundle that combines the Sacred Money Archetypes and the Money Unlocked programs. 

Feel free to work with me 0ne-on-One or in one or both of the programs. 

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