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Counselling Services for Individuals

Farhana Goga Psychologist & Wealth Matrix Mentor


Are you excited about the possibility of personal growth, development, and expansion?


Do you know that as you work on yourself, the world can change?


Or perhaps you are  feeling overwhelmed, stuck, or disconnected from yourself or your partner?


Do you find yourself caught in patterns that you can't seem to break free from, no matter how hard you try? And you are longing for more? 


More Self-love, more achievement, more joy, more freedom, more connection, more meaning?

And know that it is possible? You willing to do the inner work and reach for your dreams.

I’m Farhana Goga specialize in adult therapy and couples counseling, offering a holistic approach to mental health that integrates traditional psychotherapy with lifestyle and wellness coaching.


I integrate brain, heart and relationship intelligence, so that you can heal, overcome limiting beliefs and create a fulfilled life as you step into your full potential.

Whether you're dealing with grief, anxiety, trauma, relationship issues, transitions, work challenges, or seeking personal growth/fulfilment, we can get you where you wish to be.

Embrace the journey towards healing and transformation with an experienced professional by your side.

For couples, I have limited weekly sessions and also offer a 2 day beautiful intensive process - email to me apply for this. 


I also have my Wealth Matrix Academy for Business Owners working on personal development for success in financial/money and business.


You Deserve to Thrive

You have big dreams and you working towards it, but sometimes life gets in the way…

What do you do when it does?

Do you find yourself hiding?

Or perhaps you just push through

You berate yourself

You may feel like you failing

You start comparing yourself to others

The end result?

You just feel pretty crap about you, the situation, and the way things are turning out? 

What’s really needed is self compassion



Focused attention on each piece of your life that’s important now

Now when I say that. It doesn’t mean 100%, nor does it mean 24/7

It just means holding your heart

Doing what you need for the life stuff

Taking care of your well-being

Doing your emotional and psychological healing

And giving yourself a little bit of time to keep the dream alive

Taking a little tiny action each day

Life is going to happen

It’s life, it does what it does

Your dreams are not separate to it

When you work with me 1-1 we bring focused attention to all the parts that need their space.

Be it healing the impact of events

Making emotional and room in your nervous system for the now

Shifting automatic responses to be more helpful

Tapping into your soul and family wisdom


We focus on life, biz or money based on where you are at and what your desire or block may be.

I have studied relationships, trauma, expansion, heart, brain and soul.

And my mission is for you to thrive in every area of your life.

If you are a business owner, please see My Wealth Matrix Academy Offerings, your needs and you problems are different, and the Academy may be more suited. 


My Expertise

I have over 20 year of experience as a Psychologist and utilise exclusive therapeutic modalities for Lasting change.

My practice stands out by offering an elite range of therapeutic techniques designed for those who seek more than just traditional therapy.


With a commitment to the highest standards of care, I provide a bespoke therapeutic experience that addresses the complexities of your inner world and the intricacies of your relationships.

💕Brainspotting: The Pathway to Deep Emotional Healing

Brainspotting is a sophisticated, brain-based therapy that taps into the body's natural self-healing abilities. It allows us to pinpoint and process unresolved emotional and physical trauma, freeing you from the burdens that hold you back. This powerful method is your gateway to a life unchained from past pain.

💕BWRT®: Pioneering Change Through Neural Reconditioning

BWRT® stands as a testament to the power of modern psychotherapy. It offers a transformative approach that reconditions neural pathways, effectively rewriting emotional responses. With BWRT®, you can expect swift and significant shifts in issues that have long hindered your well-being and happiness.

💕 Relationship Intelligence: Mastering the Art of Connection

Relationship Intelligence goes beyond mere communication tactics. It is about nurturing the ability to form deep, authentic connections with oneself and one's partner. Through this approach, we empower you to build relationships grounded in mutual respect, understanding, and love.

💕 Heart and Soul Science: Harmonizing Emotional and Intuitive Wisdom with Scientific Insight

Heart-science represents the beautiful intersection of emotion and intellect. By harnessing the wisdom of the heart, sould and intuition, informed by scientific knowledge, we help you cultivate a balanced, compassionate approach to life's challenges. Our practice invites you to experience the synergy of heart and mind for holistic well-being. Please note that if clients are open to and aware of energy, ancestral wisdom and past-lives we work with that too, these are optional. 

💕 Action

Without conscious and aligned action, we will never truly make the changes we desire. As we take the action, we also help the brain-body system to feel safe. Without feeling safe, your system will sabotage you.


Choosing my practice is an investment in your most valuable assets—your mental health and your relationships. 


My pricing reflects the exceptional level of expertise, the effectiveness of our exclusive modalities, and the lasting change we are striving for. 

How I can Help you

As you gathered by now, I  am a highly trained and skilled therapist

We always start from where you are at and what you are struggling with at the moment.

This could be:

💫relationship issues

💫adjusting to a life change

💫 experienced a trauma


💫wanting to make changes in an area of life

💫or wanting to do a life audit as you may not be feeling you are where you want to be

So, based on that we work to:

💕 improve your communication skills

💕become more effective and impactful in your life

💕create self-care

💕understand boundaries

💕shift patterns

💕shift the impact of trauma

💕take action while being supported

💕change how you see yourself

💕help your nervous system support you as you make changes

💕balance your feminine and masculine energies

💕shift trauma (adult and childhood) and impact

💕work on your mind-body system so they are aligned with what you want for yourself

💕if you have had a long time of strife we could do a major life reset

💕establishing high performance habits

💕managing anxiety

💕divorce/break-up recovery and thriving


Why Choose My Premium Practice?

Choosing my practice is an investment in your most valuable assets—your mental health and your relationships.


My pricing reflects the exceptional level of expertise, the effectiveness of our exclusive modalities, and the lasting change we are striving for.

What I Offer:

  • Tailored Therapeutic Experience: Your journey is unique, and so is our approach. We customize each session to align with your individual needs and relationship goals.

  • Advanced Healing Techniques: Our selection of advanced therapies like Brainspotting and BWRT® ensures that you are accessing some of the most innovative treatment methods available.

  • Expert Guidance: With years of specialized training and experience, I provide expert guidance on your path to healing, self-discovery and transformation.

  • A Safe, Nurturing Environment: Our practice is a sanctuary where you can explore and grow in an atmosphere of confidentiality and unconditional support.

Take the First Step Towards True Transformation

Are you ready to unlock your full potential and cultivate the relationships you've always desired? My practice is here to support you every step of the way.

My therapy sessions are 50 minutes.

My standard fee is R1600/session. For therapy to be really effective, weekly sessions are advised.


If you are an existing client, and wish to attend adhoc or once a month, the fee is R1800. This is for "old" clients, who attend adhoc sessions.


Therapy requires regular sessions (even, perhaps especially, when you don't feel like it).​


My fees are subject to increase. If you are a client, I will notify you when I do my increases.

You do not have to navigate life, growth, challenges, changes and trauma on your own. I am here to walk it with you. You really can change your life, or your reaction to things. 

I have a beautiful 2 day couples intensive for R40 000 - it is a beautiful gift for couples wanting to create deeper connection, email to apply.

I have limited weekly sessions available for couples, email me to check if I am taking new couples in.

Female Client

I feel light, more secure in me and ready for my next steps in life and work. We dealt with loss; driving fears; relationship readiness; money and being more creative in work.

Justine Business Owner

Working with Farhana has been the most effective work I have done in over 10 YEARS. I feel I have healed some profound personal issues and deep blocks. The techniques she uses are really geared toward personal change which then catapults you forward, both your personal and business life. I would not be where I am today without the work we have done together in a year. I am deeply grateful for the space she provides and what we created together. I feel grounded and free in my life, and clear about my business. We worked on family issues; relationship break-up and being ready; money; masculine/feminine and business expansion.

Female Client - working through burnout

Thank you again for the work we have done this year. I deeply feel that it has made a difference, and I am so grateful for the changes that I am starting to experience in my life. I've needed this for a long time and so grateful for the ways you have supported me and shifted things for me.

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