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Money Unlocked

Dive deep into your money stories, worth, rates, and expand your nervous system to help you expand your bank balance


Did you know that most of what you believe and how you behave towards money is not even from you?

Yes you have your own money code (see Sacred Money Archetypes) but you also have beliefs, stories and things you do that are actually from other people. We can change the impact of that! 

Money Unlocked $1111

Bundle $1222

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We are more than the stories we tell ourselves

Our relationship with money is complex

  • Our family system has a role to play in it

  • Our worth and our sense of worth influences it 

  • Our nervous system definitely has a role to play in how much we feel comfortable in keeping, making or investing

  • The things that have happened to us over the years also impacts on how we make decisions around money

  • So much of our relationship with money is from our subconscious, rather than from design

  • We can feel guilty, free or choose to spend or save money on things because of our subconscious mind

  • The we have to navigate taxes

  • And if you are a person of colour, there's black tax too

  • It can be a minefield 


We can change all of this!

  • We can change the family stories for future generations and ourselves

  • We can shift the pattern around self worth

  • We can change our money outcomes for ourselves and our families

  • We can raised kids in a more empowered and conscious way around money

  • We can set our boundaries

  • We can still help and have impact

  • You can indeed have it all! 


What you Get!

You can Choose from:

​A 6 week Group Program where we:

💫 Unlock your Money Stories

💫 Do some Worthspotting

💫 Do some Ratespotting, so your system is inlined with your rates

💫 Look at debt, taxes, Black-tax

💫 Rewire and reprogram your nervous system so it has more capacity to hold more

💫Learn tools that you can use for the rest of your life

💫 Facebook group that's ongoing

💫 Lifetime access

💫 Can attend future runs of the course

You can also do this 1-1 on a 12 week one-on-one program.

Or Get the Rolls Royce interventions with the MoneyDNA bundles, which gives you SMA and Money Unlocked.

We go DEEP in this bundle. Get the bundle here

My difficulty was believing that my worth was attached to how much money I have. I did not value myself and this affected my income potential. 

During the program I realised that my belief about money and worth was not true and needed to shift. Farhana helped me identify this, and  provided the tools for me to start changing this belief. 

Since the programs, I have increased my monthly income, prioritized saving, and started a second stream of income.

Farhana's course has been wonderful, I have learnt so much about myself, my money patterns, my money archetypes,  my relationship with money and I have unlocked a new potential for wealth that I am very excited about.


The SMA blew my mind away! 

Hearing what money had to say and understanding how I was treating it transformed so much for me.

The program gave me more energy.

It felt safer to look at my money, the way I was thinking about things. and it feels safer to move away and create a new circle for myself. To find new ways and expand the areas I am looking at.

It feels safer to take the risk, see where it goes and then build or take another risk. 

Thank you Farhana!


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