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Are you ready to get rid of unconscious money blocks, to know your money code,  and start fresh on a path of creating freedom, independence and a healthy relationship with money (even if you are already making lots of it)

Bundle: $1222

SMA: $444

South African price available - just click on the link below to see them.

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Unlock your money Codes

when it comes to Money, sooner or later there's a wake-up call that happens for each of us


Because if money blocks like these have taken control of your life, it’s time to do something about it:

  • Being too busy or out of time to figure out how to take your income to a new level

  • Feeling as if there is an invisible glass money ceiling keeping you from achieving success

  • Avoiding looking at your bank account or ‘dealing with money’

  • Making “just enough” to get by, no matter how successfully your career or your business is going

  • Feeling resentment about wealthy people, believing their focus on money is unhealthy

  • Undercharging in your business but you can’t see how you could  charge more

  • Fearing you’ll have to work harder to make more, which keeps you stuck where you are

  • Often being tapped by family or friends when they need money (and feeling guilty if you can’t always help them out)

  • Yearning to make more money but afraid it might change who you are 

  • Stressed out by the endless squabbles you and your spouse/partner have about money

  • Holding back from investing in ways to help your business or career flourish

  • Being secretive about money as a way of feeling safe and in control


You Can Press Reset

Once you discover what YOUR money archetypes are, it will feel as if all the puzzle pieces of your life easily fall into place:

  • You understand what makes you tick when it comes to money (freeing you from negative self –judgment)

  • You discover what your 3 core money strengths are (and how to use them to make more money in your business or career

  • You’re free to make decisions from a place of empowerment, not fear (the freeing quality of relief that you’ll feel will immediately open new opportunities for you)

  • You no longer fall prey to unconscious sabotaging behavior (it’s a blessing to be in control of your life in this way, authentically and easily)

  • You know what to do and what to say when someone you care about is “pushing your money boundaries” 

  • You feel confident and ready to make new decisions about your business (or career) that will take your income to a new level 

  • Those stressful squabbles with your loved ones about money? Gone, because now you have the understanding and tools to come from your highest, best self


What you Get

You can choose from:

A 4 week Group Program where we:

💫 Unlock your Money Code

💫 Create a New Money Compass

💫 Create a New Money Voice

💫 Crack your Glass Ceiling

💫 Life Time Access

💫 Limited Time Facebook group 

💫 You can attend all future runs of this course

You can also do this 1-1 on a 6 week one-on-one program.

Or Get the Rolls Royce interventions with the MoneyDNA bundles, which gives you SMA and Money Unlocked.

We go DEEP in this bundle. Get the bundle here


 My Clients experiences of the Bundle

My difficulty was believing that my worth was attached to how much money I have. I did not value myself and this affected my income potential. 

During the program I realised that my belief about money and worth was not true and needed to shift. Farhana helped me identify this, and  provided the tools for me to start changing this belief. 

Since the programs, I have increased my monthly income, prioritized saving, and started a second stream of income.

Farhana's course has been wonderful, I have learnt so much about myself, my money patterns, my money archetypes,  my relationship with money and I have unlocked a new potential for wealth that I am very excited about.


The SMA blew my mind away! 

Hearing what money had to say and understanding how I was treating it transformed so much for me.

The program gave me more energy.

It felt safer to look at my money, the way I was thinking about things. and it feels safer to move away and create a new circle for myself. To find new ways and expand the areas I am looking at.

It feels safer to take the risk, see where it goes and then build or take another risk. 

Thank you Farhana!


Sacred Money Archetypes with Farhana Goga

Podcast appearance with Yvette Aloe

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