Given the infection rate, as of July I have suspended all face-to-face sessions. Sessions are help online via Zoom until there is a decline in infection rate. Email me to set up some time to talk about online sessions if you unsure.

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I’m Farhana Goga,
an Individual and Relationship Therapist, Coach, Facilitator and Writer

I offer you a safe, warm environment to face the challenges you have. People seek therapy when they are dissatisfied with something in their life or relationships, have experienced some sort of loss or trauma, have experienced a huge change or transition, or wish to embark on a journey for personal growth and understanding.

I am dedicated to helping individuals and couples.

In my work with individuals, I assist them to explore, find meaning, peace, understanding and resolve issues they are faced with.

My work with couples and families, help them gain clarity, acceptance, lead meaningful and purposeful lives, and have connected, loving relationships.

I am a Psychologist, Speaker, Workshop facilitator and Blogger in Sandton, Johannesburg, and also work online. 

I have studied and continue to study extensively so that you have expert,  and compassionate support.  

On my website you will find my services, resources and courses to help you explore, disentangle, heal, thrive, find aliveness, connectedness and vitality in yourself and your relationships.

Dandelion Parachute Seed

“Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength” Sigmund Freud

Intimacy: Into-Me-See - Your gateway into yourself and your relationships


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Services Offered

I offer a range of services. Find out more detail about them by visiting my Services page or the page for each service.

Individual therapy, couples therapy, workshops,  events, blogs and online academy

Therapy with Me

Find out a bit more about therapy with me. 

Explore individual therapy. Some of the areas I work in:

Depression, anxiety, grief/loss, relationships, new experiences, trauma, life challenges. 

Explore Couples TherapyMarriage counselling, relationships counselling, couples counselling.

Modalities Used

I work in an integrated, client-centred way. My key approach is to combine talking with Brain-based interventions, Heart-Based interventions, Systemic understandings, meditation/visualisations and attachment. Tools are helpful to shift what we hold in our minds and bodies and promote  your healing and growth

In Individual Therapy I use Brain Working Recursive Therapy (BWRT), Brainspotting, HeartMath, Systemic Constellations, CBT, DBT, Enneagram, MBTI, Hypnotherapy

In Couples Therapy I mainly use Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy  but may also incorporate Encounter-centred couples transformation, The Gottmans work, as well as other tools. 

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