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The Academy of Wealth &Well-being

With Farhana Goga

Hi, I'm Farhana! I'm a Psychologist & Wealth Matrix Mentor. I help business owners, leaders, healers with Self Mastery, Emotional Mastery, and Empowered Relationship with Money.  So that they have more inner capacity as they navigate challenges, create impact and leave a legacy.  All this while having inner peace, joy, self trust,  emotional and relational well-being.


Wealth Inside & Out

I help Leaders, Misfits, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Coaches, Therapists, Trail-blazers & Cycle Breakers to navigate challenges, transform, and expand as they scale their business and create their dreams. You can have impact, money, and joy.


We Heal, Interrupt Patterns and expand into , next level of success (in Life,  Biz and Money),  joy, fulfilment, inner peace and self trust is possible for you, if you reach for it.  


In my heart I am a therapist, and an activist.


If you are a business owner, leader, healer and have big dreams. You have a desire to leave a legacy, and make an impact, while also having money and want to do the deep inner work, then lets get started. 


Whether you are starting out, or have a 7 figure business, you will encounter inner, and outer challenges, and also be driven for more. 


Challenges may include mindset, traumatic experiences, comments from others, not trusting or believing in yourself, fears, unhelpful automatic responses, feeling stuck, frozen, or people pleasing. You can get past these, with ease and focused attention. And yes, as you keep going to the next level, you will encounter it in a new way. 

My Inner Work Processes is top-down, bottom-up and involves rewiring, re-patterning and expansion of the Brain-Body system so you get the results you desire. And have even more emotional mastery, inner peace, and joy.  

We shift the Subconscious and the Conscious to bring Inner eace and freedom. 

I've been a Psychologist for over 20 years, and have run my own business for at least 15.


By doing the inner work, addressing unresolved issues, learning to navigate and by re-patterning the automatic responses, the impact of the challenges reduce, which in turn leaves you with more capacity, energy and joy to focus on what you love doing, and the goals you are after.


You keep up-levelling by working with what shows up, shifting it, or creating more capacity to hold it, and a new way. You acclimatise, normalise this, and expand again. When you reach the next "edge" you do the next level of work. 

My framework is Trauma-Informed (takes care of your nervous system and our need for connection and safety) and includes: Neuroscience (Brain-based: Re-patterning, Re-wiring, Expansion), HeartScience (Heart Wisdom), Identity & Family systems (our inner and Inter-generational wisdom).


We may also include Parts work, Your subconscious drivers, inner-child work and Relational Intelligence.


The result is more capacity, courage, joy and confidence to take brave action to bring you more Success, Wealth )inner and outer), in a way that feels supported, easy and inevitable. 

Some Freebie & Quick Guides


Bounce Forward


Set yourself up for success.  Resilience is key to keep going and bouncing forward.


SuccessDNA Workshop


90 Minutes: Understand success and shift your thoughts, feelings, behaviours, and make room for more..


Get Unstuck


Things to journal about and do to get you unstuck in your business, or when you are starting online.


About Me: Farhana

Wealth Matrix Mentor

I am an Online International Mentor, Psychologist, Coach, Speaker, Workshop facilitator and Writer. I live in Johannesburg, South Africa. I grew up in Apartheid South Africa in a non-traditional Muslim home, with a rich heritage of Jewish, Christian, Muslim (Russian, Dutch, Irish, Indian) ancestors.

I'm a wealth matrix mentor. I combine cutting-edge neuroplasticity with heart and soul to help you transform the way you think and feel about yourself, work, money, and life.


We release emotional blockages stalling your success, and expand your vision for what is possible for you. As a psychologist with a little woo, I understand that we need the science AND the spiritual to create the mind-blowing success we truly deserve.


If you're ready to leap into the Future You NOW...reach out for one of my magical  inner work sessions”

I am trauma informed and steeped in science. It informs my Wealth Matrix Academy, from which I do my 1-1 and group programs, such as SuccessDNA ™, MoneyDNA ™: Money Mindset Matrix Codes ™  programs, and 1-1 work.

As a Senior Psychologist, I am highly trained and client-informed too. Here's some of the areas I am trained in:  

💫Trauma (including Polyvagal Theory); 💫Brain-Science - change your neuro-pathways and Subconscious (Brainspotting, BWRT, Hypnosis, Emotional Freedom Technique)

💫Heart Science

💫Systems (Systemic Constellations, Intergenerational Healing);

💫Interactional Pattern Analysis;

💫 Self Regulation Trained (HeartMath) 💫Metaphysics (the study of the Soul and Energy)

💫Couples & Relational work, including attachment styles, to name but a few.

💫I am also informed by Parts work,  Positive Psychology, Enneagram, MBTI.

I am a serious, fun, human who loves chocolate, bubbly and summer.

Work With Me: Wealth Matrix Academy


Life & Biz One-on-Ones

Healing and transforming core wounds, Self Mastery, Emotional Mastery, Trauma Recovery, Uplevelling. Shift the impact of trauma, past experiences, patterns and identity. Re-pattern your responses as you navigate the trolls and challenges  as a business owner. Create more freedom, joy and capacity to focus on your life, business growth and money.

Image by Yumi Kim


Money Mastery:

Create an Empowered relationship with money at any stage of business and life. 

Great order to start in:

Sacred Money Archetypes Assessment (free)

Become a Money Magnet (Masterclass $333)

Sacred Money Archetypes Reading (45 min)

Money MindsetMatrix (group program) starts 23 October

Image by Jeremy Bishop.jpg

The Ultimate Expansion: Brainspotting Intensives

Embody your Next Level, Build self-trust and care. Your next level needs a new level you. Brainspotting works on the subconscious levels of the brain. It shifts the pathways that created the doubt, stickiness, patterns that you keep returning to, and at the same time creates new ones to automatically reach the next levels you desire. 


Gaby Abrams

I love working with science and spiritual and that's what the session was. The best thing was also that it was future based. Where I wanted to go next. As entrepreneurs we always feel we on the cusp of the next up level.  I was on a cusp of my next up level, in my life and my business. We at a point of rewriting our value system as a family. It can be a little bit intimidating , it can be a little bit scary from a self trust perspective, not only to lead yourself, but also to lead your children, and your business. In the session I had such a profound shift in my self self-trust. And I could actually visualise what I have been scared to before. It was such a simple and straight-forward approach to getting the results I desire. She has this amazing energy where you feel really really safe in and so neutral

Gaby Abrams Success Coach


Working with Farhana on nervous system regulation was super interesting. Our body has its own brain. In the session family stuff came up and boundaries. It's so interesting how it's all connected. Ever since our session I feel more calm, more grounded, more at ease, less triggered and really expanded into this new level of me. I feel on top of my game more than ever. What would have crippled me didn't. I feel really empowered and ready for the next level. She is so embodied, and really held the space so my system could do what it needed.

Rebeca Lima Business Coach

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