Success Unlocking ™ Return to You

Life and Business Your Way

Success Unlocking ™:

Unlock your Limiting Beliefs & Patterns, 

Heal from Trauma;  

Re-programme your Subconscious,

Re-Wire your Brain-Body System, 

Take  Aligned Action

Success Unlocking ™ 

Incorporates: Brainspotting; BWRT; Hypnosis; Systemic Constellations; Metaphysics and is IFS informed and Trauma-Informed


Success Unlocking ™ 

Re-wire; Re-Programme; Heal; Act; Thrive;  Live Life from Heart, Soul and Impactfully. 

You can have the success and the impact you wish to have and to do it your way.


You Are Ready

Heal; Grow, Transform; Thrive,  Action & Strategy

There’s a yearning within you for more….

More time

More peace

More impact

More success

More money 

More fulfilment

More love

You know its your time to reach your next level of success

The next level of Impact

The next level of Joy:

Maybe you feeling burnt-out and know its time to slow down or do things differently 

Maybe you ready to charge more for your services or ask for a raise

Maybe you ready to release the trauma you experienced on the playground (even if that playground is just yesterday)

Maybe you aware of the limiting belief you have that keeps telling you, whispering to you, that its not meant for you and you ready to change that

Maybe you have an idea to leap out of your corporate role and want to make it real

Maybe you love your job and know there’s some things in your past or your life you need to pause at take the time to heal

Maybe you have experienced loss that's keeping your stuck

Maybe you want to have someone in your corner as you grow your business, or increase your impact

Your therapist/coach in your pocket

You  ready to change the Limiting Patterns

You ready to feel, earn and embrace your worth

And you are ready for your subsconscious to whisper YES YOU CAN, and not no you can’t

You ready for the mindset, the action that gets you to your next level, whatever that is for you

You know that by pausing, healing, focusing on the right things you will have more capacity and Be Authentically You.

If you ready to Return to You and Reach Your Next Level

I have what you need!

Success Unlocking ™ incorporates Brainspotting; BWRT; Hypnosis; Therapy; Coaching so you can release the things that keep you stuck and return to You and reach the levels you desire.

So you can live Life and business YOUR way. 

I offer 1-1 and Group Programs - Bespoke interventions for Your Next Level

The patterns of your past are ready to shift. You know that your inner work could help you in your business, and if not, the peace it brings will free up the space to be more YOU.  

Did you know that the common beliefs that get in our way of success is "I'm not worthy" "I'm not lovable" I'm not enough" and "I am not important" "I don't have the right".


Hi, I'm Farhana Goga,

The Entrepreneurs and Leaders Therapist & Business Coach Success Unlocking  

Hi! I'm Farhana, I am an International Mentor, Psychologist, Therapist, Coach, Speaker, Workshop facilitator and Writer. I will help you heal, provide you with information and unlock new levels of success. 

I am unique in that I bring the expertise of healing and business success to help you in both areas - the inner and the outer so you can have a business and life aligned to YOU and know that you can also go deep to transform your inner blocks that prevent you from getting there, or peace of mind.

I am Trauma Trained (including Polyvagal Theory); Brain-Based Trained - change your neuro-pathways and Subconscious (Brainspotting, BWRT, Hypnosis, Emotional Freedom Technique); Systems Trained (Systemic Constellations, Intergenerational Healing); Interactional Pattern Analysis; Heart-Based and Self Regulation Trained (HeartMath) and trained n Metaphysics (the study of the Soul) to name but a few. I also include Internal Family Systems and Positive Psychology, Enneagram, MBTI, Human Design) and I continue developing and learning to impact on my clients Healing, Growth and Expansion for their Success and Self-Actualisation.

On my website you will find ways to work with me, resources and courses to help you So, find what is right for you, and let me join you on your journey of recovery and success.

I have over 20 years experience in Psychology (Private Practice, Research, and Public Health) and moved into the Entrepreneur space in 2021. I see life as an adventure, and that achieving dreams is possible, and you deserve it.

I know you are ready to take the next step to your dreams and success - whatever that means for you! Lets get cracking!  


Sessions are held via Zoom.

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