I help Ambitious & Passionate Achievers

Heal, Grow & Thrive to reach new levels of success. 

Hi, I'm


           Farhana Goga


As you transform on the inside, your outer-world flows. 

I help Ambitious Achievers reach new levels of success through deep inner transformation. Connect with your Heart and Soul, heal your Trauma and reach the desires you yearn for.

Mind-Body, Heart, Soul Healing for yourself and your relationships. 

Are you ready to heal the trauma and negative beliefs you know keeps you stuck? Do you know its your time to uplevel and reach new levels of Being in the world and with yourself? Do you have big dreams and a yearning inside you, and feel trapped, inadequate  or small in achieving it?

I offer you a safe, warm environment to explore and heal the aspects that keep you stuck, small, invisible and doubtful.  I know that life can be messy, things don't always turn out the way you expected, but your connection to yourself and Self-Love can guide you to shine and take your place in the world. 

I am passionate in helping you, the high achievers, the ambitious entrepreneur lead life as the fullest version of yourself, reach the heights of success you desire, free from the hurt, fears & beliefs deep within that hold you back - you know what I am talking about.  

I am a Mentor, Therapist, Speaker, Workshop facilitator and Writer based in Sandton, Johannesburg, and work online with clients across the globe.  

As a 48 year old Psychologist and Entrepreneur who loves life, and sees it as an adventure, I am the right person for you if you are ready to deep dive to heal and reach new levels of success as you grow and thrive. 

I loved being a Singleton and chose not to have kids, through a deep and continuous journey. I am now in a relationship with an Economist and a Step mom (pretty tough most days), and I continue following my souls calling and taking the inspired acton, reaching new levels of confidence and success daily.

On my website you will find ways to work with me, resources and courses to help you explore, disentangle, heal, thrive, uncover aliveness, connectedness and vitality in yourself and your relationships. So, find what is right for you, and let me join you on your journey of recovery and success.

Ps, it's a year of transitioning my offering to best serve you, my ideal client, so the website is continuously changing, as I work on it, my offerings and engagement of my niche. So at the moment, my clients are not limited to this niche. 

Dandelion Parachute Seed

“Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength” Sigmund Freud

Intimacy: Into-Me-See - Your gateway into yourself and your relationships