I have suspended all face-to-face sessions. Sessions are held online via Zoom until perhaps February/March 2021. . 

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I’m Farhana Goga,
a Psychologist (in South Africa) & Coach helping you create Transformation in your Personal life, Professional life and in your Relationship so you can Thrive in the world.

Are you ready to embrace your wholeness and well-being? Do you feel dissatisfied with something in your life?  Are you going through a life change? Perhaps looking for some clarity? Is your relationship stuck in some way?

I offer you a safe, warm environment to face the challenges you have when are ready to heal and make the changes to live the life they desire. 

I am passionate in helping individuals and couples who are committed to their personal and relationship growth and healing to lead life in the best version of themselves.

In my work with individuals, we explore, find meaning, peace, understanding and resolve issues. Through Talk-Therapy and tools which transform from within, connecting you to your and your systems wisdom and power, we transform the layers of stickiness to embrace the life you wish to live.

My work with couples and families, brings clarity, acceptance, meaningful and purposeful lives, and connected, loving relationships.

I am a Coach, Psychologist, Speaker, Workshop facilitator and Writer based in Sandton, Johannesburg, and work online with clients across the globe. 

I have studied and continue to study extensively so that you have expert,  and compassionate support.  

On my website you will find my services, resources and courses to help you explore, disentangle, heal, thrive, uncover aliveness, connectedness and vitality in yourself and your relationships. So, find what is right for you, and let me join you on your journey of recovery and success.

Dandelion Parachute Seed

“Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength” Sigmund Freud

Intimacy: Into-Me-See - Your gateway into yourself and your relationships


Working with Me

Your Partner in transforming your Personal life, Professional life and Relationship


Individual Therapy & Coaching


Couples Therapy/Relationship Counselling


- Courses to do in your own time for individuals and couples
- belong to an exclusive membership site 
- group courses for mental well-being and success in your life 
- Stress Management
- Self Regulation
- Building Resilience
- Creating Connection for Couples
- personal growth
- WeAddHeart Monthly Meditation
- Building Connection Pre-marital Workshop
- Hold Me Tight Couples Workshop

Creating Connection in your Relationship

  • relationship goals

  • create connection 

  • marriage counselling

  • relationship counselling

  • communication

  • navigate stuckness

  • pre-marital sessions

I use Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy as my primary intervention.

Where you look affects how you feel (David Grand Creator)

A revolutionary approach for rapid and effective change... healing, transformation, growth and development.

We use it to shift emotion and blocks as well as open the path ways to expansion, whether its to expand your business, the way you are in the world or situation, or your performance. It works with the awareness of the wisdom of your brain-body system

Perfect for:

- emotional blocks/ exploring and shifting emotion

- resource building

- creativity

- sports performance

- emotional well-being

- creating wholeness

- success coaching

- performance enhancement

- shifting behaviour

- personal growth

- transformation 

- stepping into wholeness

- personal development

Personal healing & growth

  • trauma,

  • anxiety

  • depression

  • relationship concerns

  • substance abuse,

  •  life changes and transitions,

  • loss, grief, bereavement

  • dissatisfaction in life, work, relationships

  • new life experiences

  • performance enhancement

  • expansion work

  • success coaching

  • MBTI

  • Enneagram

  • BWRT,

  • Systemic Constellations


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