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Expand into your Next Level

As a Business owner and a woman, we are always at the cusp of your next level, often in a few areas of life. What if I told you that your nervous system knows exactly how to get you there?

If you have done personal development work before, cleared some blocks and you know that your next up level comes from embracing what lies ahead these sessions are for you. 

Depending on where you are, we can do this in a 90 minute session or a 4 session Expansion Intensive. 

If you are not sure, book a coffee chat and let's see where you are at.

The amazing things you know are available are actually possible for you, and you can take your nervous system with you! 

The outcomes include self trust, bold action, courage, a new sense of calmness when life throws curve-balls.


Download the SuccessDNA Masterclass and learn about the Science of the Nervous system, The Brain-Body System, The Heart and your Soul & Family Soul. Processes included. The Foundation of the work I do, and your gateway to success. Just $47

Gaby Abrams Testimonial 

Gaby is a Success Coach and subconscious expert. She has a close to $7figure business.

Rebeca Lima Testimonial

Rebeca Lima is a multi 6figure business coach.

If you are ready to embody your next level, then let's do it!  We use Brainspotting, to expand and embody your next level. Your nervous system leads and it's unbelievable.  

Book a coffee chat, a 90 minute or a 3 session package. 

Book the 90 minute session here


Sessions are held via Zoom.

To stay connected with the latest around COVID-19, Corona virus South Africa Resource portal at

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