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Work with me One-on-One

Inner Transformation for Outer Results


Success Mastery
Unleashing Freedom Keys for Entrepreneurs

Re-write your story
Unlock your High Performance, Success, Freedom, Joy and Growth.
Take care of your Well-being
Respond not React
Live from Your Truth

Mindset, Trauma Healing; Pattern Interruption; Core-Identity Development. Re-program the Subconscious and Brain-Body System. Take Aligned Action to your desires.

Image by Earl Wilcox
Image by Nelson Estevão

Working With Me

I am a Psychologist and I help Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Leaders to Succeed and be free. I am highly trained in trauma, neuroscience, the heart, soul and family systems.

We shift trauma, Re-wire your brain, Interrupt patterns, have a kick-ass mindset, navigate challenges; expand to where you want to be, and take action, all while being kind to yourself, so they can soar and reach your dreams.

1-, Self Study and group programs for Entrepreneurs to Heal, grow and thrive in their personal life and business development. 

Whether you are wanting to heal from past events, navigate the changes as you uplevel, feel burnout and need to reaccess, have dreams of where you want to be, need to pause, bring back joy, want to gain clarity in your business I can assist.

What We Can Work with

Ideas of things we can work on:
- visibility blocks
- The core wound
- the shadow
- procrastination
- receiving blocks
- expansion into what you long for and desire
- core identity
- courage to be you
- money mindset
- imposter syndrome
- cultural blocks and constraints
- mindset as you grow and scale 
- message clarity 
- up levelling your intuition
- trauma 
- patterns
- fears
- dreams 
- bullying
- dealing with trolls
- anger
- relationships


What we can Achieve

💫Heal - shift the impact of the past
💫Grow - create new responses
💫Thrive - dream
💫 Step into the truth of your magnificence. 
💫 Re-write your story.
💫 Create a New Story
💫Trauma Healing
💫Pattern Interruption
💫Core-Identity Development
💫Re-wire; Re-Programme
💫Live Life from Heart, Soul and Impactfully
💫Create new healthy patterns easily
💫 Create new levels of success 
💫Overcome blocks
💫Expand and embody your next level
💫 Do the above while enjoying what you do and who you are
💫Have deeper self-trust, courage and operate from SELF


I love working with science and spiritual and that's what the session was. The best thing was also that it was future based. Where I wanted to go next.  We at a point of rewriting our value system as a family. It can be a little bit intimidating , it can be a little bit scary from a self trust perspective, not only to lead yourself, but also to lead your children, and your business. It was such a simple and straight-forward approach to getting the results I desire. She has this amazing energy where you feel really really safe in and so neutral

Gaby Abrams - Success Coach & Subconscious Mentor

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