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Self Study Programs to get you what you desire

The Home Page also has the Resilient Mindset & Life and The SuccessDNA Masterclass 


SuccessDNA Masterclass

In this 90 minute masterclass you learn:
- the elements of success
- the science of the nervous system
- the science of the brain-body system
- science of the heart
- your soul and family soul
- you get to do some incredible processes, including a visualisation, a connection to your soul as a bonus, and a BWRT process to change a response. Just $47


A Resilient Life & Mindset

In the FREE PDF you get prompts and insights into creating a resilient life and mindset so that you can navigate through life challenges. Ideal for any Entrepreneur at any stage of business.

28 Day Visibility Challenge_edited.jpg

28 Day Visibility Challenge

A PDF that gives you 28 days of social medals prompts to increase your visibility, your know, like & trust factor and increases your confidence.

You can write out posts, go live, do a reel, and you can post in any platform you desire over the 30 days, you can mix it up or posting the same place. Just $27


When you are feeling overwhelmed

This PDF is here to help you get out of your head and overwhelm when you are getting started or you are stuck.

I use it as my own guide when I am overwhelmed with all the chatter, courses and just frozen.

Just $47 I hope it helps you shift the gunk and know what you need to do next. 

It covers skills, clarity, mindset, tech, healing and so much more. 


Ultimate Tantra Summit

In another life, I expanded and shifted my sensuality.

As part of that journey I created 2 summits.

The information in them is so invaluable, I have decided to keep them available.

In the Ultimate Tantra Summit we are 12 Experts share their knowledge, meditations, processes so you can go deeper into yourself and with your partner. 

Created in 2012, it was $197, it is now $97.


Ecosex Summit

In another life, I expanded and shifted my sensuality.

Created after the UTS, we explored sex, the environment and so much more to get Eco-Sexy. 

12 experts explore :)

Was $197, now $97

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