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10 ways to destress after a long work week

Updated: May 1, 2020

Some work weeks are LONG, and self care is really important when they are.

1. Its firstly important to know where you get your energy from. Someone how has a preference for introversion will get their energy from time alone, while someone who has a preference to extroversion will get their energy from connecting with other.

This difference will give you an indicator as to where to go first. An introvert may need to let their friends and family know that before they join in the activities planned, they need time alone, perhaps reading, having a bath etc. While an extrovert may need to first go out. Either way, both will need to have time alone and time with people as part of the reconnection.

2. Communicate with loved ones what your needs are

3. Take a long bath and shower - water is an incredible source of renewL

4. Connect with friends and family

5. Do something in nature

6. Evaluate if you need to have a skill to assist you, and what can you do in the weekend to create it.

7. BREATE - deep, long, slow

8. Notice what you are grateful for

9. Choose an activity to be Mindful in - e.g. drink your tea/coffee with the full awareness using your senses, to be full present

10. Laugh or dance or loose yourself in some soul-filling experience

Whatever you do, give yourself permission to relax, be gentle with yourself and accept all that you are.

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