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Why do I get so TRIGGERED?

Here's why you get TRIGGERED!

Whether you a coach, Entrepreneur, Thought Leader, of just Jane Blog, have you noticed that you may be scrolling on your newsfeed

Checking your emails

Or maybe driving down the street

and wham

suddenly you thinking of how to react to someone,

writing a post in your head

or even worse, thinking that this is about YOU

Whats happening in your BRAIN is that the data enters at the oldest part of your brain

🧠 Your brain scans itself looking for matches

💫 And wham it responds

It doesn't work in chronological time

Everything is happening right now

Did you also know, that there is a ⅓ second delay between receiving the data and reacting? Some research says its actually 11 secs!

What can YOU Do right NOW?

- Pause

- Take a few deep breaths

- give your brain some time for the information to reach the higher functioning part of the brain

AND there is more! We can actually change the automatic response! Say what?

🧠 We can go into that moment, BEFORE your brain hijacks with an automatic reaction

We can give it NEW options

Options that keep you calm

Options that allows you to RESPOND as your higher functioning parts of you brain 🧠 would.

AND you can make that happen as your automatic reaction

How cool is that!

💫 We can do this with past things that keep coming up

💫 Traumatic events and responses

💫 bullying on line

💫 newsfeed reactions, email reactions, that person

💫 we can do it for anxiety, fears


We can reprogram your reactions, to make them serve you, not hijack you

My clients walk away

🌟 feeling free

🌟 feeling lighter

🌟 being able to focus

🌟 being able to put their energy where they choose to

Work with me 1-1 and lets Unlock what happens for you and free you to live as you choose. to book a call.

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