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My Barbie Disappointment

Over the weekend, I went to see Barbie.

And while I loved much of it, it left me feeling really disappointed and almost hopeless...

You see, I, as you know am all about human potential, about being human, and serving anyway. I believe that we can create a really empowered life, relationships and business. And I help people and couples heal, grow, and thrive.

What I saw in Barbie, was just a reversal of what exists.

I am very grateful to a dear friend who shared her experiences of growing up in America and her families interaction around Barbie, as well as the story and background of Barbie, as created by Ruth. That was beautiful and inspiring and needed...

But in 2023, the film makers missed a golden opportunity, to really bring about change. Change for connection between genders. Change where we work and live along side each other with deep respect and understanding, where no one is trying to dominate, but where there is room to be in our essence and live in harmony, joy, success and pleasure.

Whether it was the dolls or real life, women succeeded because men were put down. That made me deeply sad. No one needs to be put down. What are we teaching girl and boy children, what are we showing our men, what are we saying about ourselves?

It breaks my heart as all we are doing is creating a new form of relationship trauma.

And there is another way. A way we thrive, we honour our masculine and feminine energies, AND succeed in the life we choose to have.

So, I am deeply disappointed of an opportunity missed.

Change starts with us, with every man and woman, and every relationship.

I hope we create something different and movies reflect it, I know we can. for ways to work with me

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