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How's those Resolutions going? Do you have a word for the year?

Resolutions and/or having a word for the year, doesn't work for me. I tried them both, but making resolutions means I get to feel really bad quite quickly when I don't keep to them. And having a word for the year, made me link everything to the word.

Instead I have Goals.

I write what I wish to achieve and focus on in the year. Sometimes its what I want to achieve and sometimes it's what I want to focus on, which may be the foundation of what will be a goal for the next year.

Goals work better for me, as then I can go and relook at them and tweak them or the timing as they happen. They are guidelines and help me focus and refocus in the course of the year. I can look at them every quarter and see how its going and if they are still relevant.

Goals allow you pause, reflect and your reaction to them is also useful insight for your healing and what you may wish to take the therapy/coaching.

They also a great way to assess how your year and your processing is going.

Goals should be SMART - specific; measurable (in some way); achievable, Realistic and time bound.

Even in therapy, we need to set goals, otherwise you and your therapist/coach can get lost. Once a goal is achieved, you may wish to set another goal. But you need to know what you are workmen on and reflect on where you were and where you are as the process unfolds, otherwise you may feel despondent, and your therapist (who is not in your head) is unsure if the processes are making the shifts you may need to live life effectively.

Today, I was asked how to get in the right frame to do the reflections and to set the goals - here's my answer - don't - just sit and do them, the ACTION and the HEALING pieces are the most important in achieving what you want. You may feel it, have vision boards on it, but without the action and unblocking anything in the way you won't be unlocking and achieving what you want, which you do deserve - because you want it.

Let therapy/coaching get you where you want to be in achieving your dreams, wishes and goals, so you can live the life you desire.

Be gentle, be focused, be bold

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