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Change Your Relationship with Money

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

I am Farhana Goga a Psychologist and Success Mastery Coach. My mission is to have more people, especially women empowered in their lives and with money, as I believe then the world can truly change.

Our relationship with money is a reflection of our relationship with life.

Change our relationship with money, and we can change our life.

The way we are with money is the way we are with life. And both are driven by subconscious motivations.

So much of our beliefs about money aren’t our beliefs.

They are a collection of our family stories, and things we took on as children.

A lot about how we are in the world is created thorough a combination of:

  • intergenerational experiences past down to us, almost through our genes - its called epigenetics

  • Its also about the experiences we had before age 7, we, before our brains were remotely fully developed, we make decisions about how to the world operates and we use that going forward

  • There is also the societal, cultural, country context that impacts us

  • We have stories that impact our relationship with money, linked to worth, deservabilty, if we are enough, even if we are loveable

So, when we talk about Money Mastery, we are actually talking about your relationship with money, how you are with money and what is underlying that.

If we change that, then what we notice is that our actual money outcomes change.

So when I work with money mindset I work with top-down and bottom-up approaches.

The mind and the subconscious.

When we take the time to separate the stories, understand and explore what is going on internally and transform that, we can then create a relationship with money that is of design, not default.

I do this by first using Kendall Summerhawks Sacred Money Archetypes.

There are 8 ways that we can view money. When we understand how these 8 archetypes are playing out in our lives, its the first step to creating a more empowered relationship with money.

Often we all have inner struggles when it comes to money, should I spend it, shouldn’t I, what should I spend it on. Understanding your archetype, especially the top 3, will give you some insight into what is underneath the struggle, and what you need to shift to create a more empowered relationship with money.

When we understand what drives us, and start addressing what is underneath it, we can change that, and with that, the way we are with money changes. So then we are not creating our money outcomes from default, but rather by design and creating an empowered relationship with money.

So that Money, is just money and isn’t linked to meeting an inner need.

The 8 Archetypes, in a nutshell, in alphabetical order:

  • Accumulator - The Inner Banker - You are conscientious, trustworthy and disciplined. You find it easy to save, but you may suffer from fear and guilt around investing.

You need to learn to say yes to opportunities because opportunities create wealth.

  • Alchemist - the Inner Idealist -You are idealistic, transformative and creative. You’re great at creating ideas, but you find yourself relying on others for financial support.

You need to learn to transform ideas into financial success

  • Celebrity: The Inner Big Shot - You were born to be a STAR! You are magnetic, confident and radiant. You always stand out in a crowd, but you may struggle with compulsive spending.

You need to work on accumulating wealth while being admired and valued in the world

  • Connector - The Inner Relationship Creator - You are trusting, innocent and resilient. You are great at creating valuable relationships, but you may not feel empowered about money. Tackling your finances may feel overwhelming.

You need to get comfortable with your finances, so you empower yourself and others.

  • Maverick - The Inner Rebel - You are marching to the beat of a different drum. You are clever and charismatic. You’re great at taking risks and paying attention to the metrics, you know your numbers. But you are prone to gambling with your financial security.

You need to learn to balance the risk taking around your finances with financial security.

  • Nurturer - The Inner Sponsor - You want to care for others. This archetype is all about giving, devotion and reliability. You always give amazing value, but you struggle with the need to rescue others.

You need to learn to create clear money boundaries.

  • Romantic - The Inner Pleasure-Seeker- Your sacred strengths as a Romantic are luxury, abundance and seeking pleasure. You truly believe that there will always be more. You may find yourself avoiding anything to do with money.

You need to to learn to create financial security while living life to the full.

  • Ruler - The Inner Empire Builder - You are courageous, visionary and determined. You’re great at building an empire where everyone thrives, but you struggle with the feeling that there’s never enough money.

You lesson is to learn to achieve leadership and prosperity with grace and ease.

Once we understand what is the underneath driving force in your relationship with money, you can then start shifting it from the inside out.

The way we do that is consciously, using things like money tracker so you know whats coming in. You then look at things like self-worth.

The intergenerational stories

Your money and worth stories

We look at what your nervous system is currently comfortable with and start shifting it, so that it has more capacity

We start creating a new money story, where your worth is not linked to money. And money becomes just money, which frees you from the emotional turmoil and you can then create a healthy, empowered relationship with money where it is mutually supportive. Your financial decisions become more empowered. Things like tax doesn’t become an issue. Things like black tax, which most brown people have, becomes something that you can engage with in an more empowered way.

Clearing Debt and creating saving becomes something that’s possible and we can take care of, while also taking care of our psychological aspects too.

And as we take charge of our internal reality, we can then take charge of our external reality.

And when we faulter, we can go back and see whats happening inner archetypes, and then in our stories and work with that.

With my clients I use neuroscience tools, which I group as SuccessDNA tools to shift the internal reality AND we put things in place for the external.

To work with me around money, please visit my website.

Lets change your relationship with money, lets change your life

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