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Sacred Money Archetypes

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

Created by Kendall Summerhawk, Sacred Money Archetypes is a system of knowing how we engage with the world.

Its primarily linked to the way we are with MONEY, our money codes. And how we engage with money also gives us wonderful insight into the rest of our life!

There are 8 Archetypes - ways that we engage with the money.

The Ruler: Inner Empire Builder and illuminates the desire to achieve. Money is a measurement of success.

The Accumulator: The Inner Banker who illuminates respect and appreciation.They have a close knit relationship with money.

The Connector: An Inner Relationship Creator and illuminated faith and optimism. They always feel money will just happen.

The Romantic: Inner Hedonist and illuminates enjoying the pleasures of life. Live in the moment.

The Alchemist: An Inner Idealist and they illuminate positive change. They have a love/hate relationship with money.

The Maverick: Inner Rebel with a Cause and illuminate risk is essential. Highly creative with money.

The Celebrity: Inner Big Shot and illuminates impact and recognition. Charismatic personality that makes them a magnet for attracting amazing people and experiences.

The Nurturer: Inner Sponsor and they illuminate caring and compassion. There desire is to be of service.


Knowing our money codes we can create our live by design, not default, work with our strengths and have a much more empowered relationship with money.

The combination of the above and the money unlocked program will give you a new Money Mastery, a new way of being with money and new possibilities for your future.

If you have any interaction with money (who doesn't) then these courses are for you!

You can know more about the SMA as well start working with your money codes by joining my SMA course, the Money Unlocked course, or the Money Mastery Bundle, where you get both.

Hope to see you in them soon! to find out more about working with me and changing your relationship with Money and your money outcomes.

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