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My Journey to the Wealth Matrix Academy

 I recently shared with my mentor, my journey as a therapist, which led to the Wealth Matrix Academy (which is the working name of my business)...and I realised that while I share this journey with my Wealth Matrix clients, perhaps it something I should share it with the broader public too...and give you context, as I and my business evolve.

The truth is, I have never been a traditional therapist. I have never done anything really that was just run of the mill.

I "came out" spiritual, curious, eager to learn all about healing, expansion, relationships.

As such, my practice has always been about personal development and I have always attracted and worked with business owners, leaders, thought leaders, influential people - people who have impact and who on some level understand that their personal journey ripples into the lives of their families, friends and those they interact with. That is the foundation of my psychology practice, and I am incredible grateful to have impacted so many people, and the ripple effect that has. 

Through my therapy practice, we heal, re-wire, re-program, gently and consciously explore our shadows, we expand, we find ways of creating more capacity, more impact and all while still taking care of oneself, and ones family, as without that, we are living in our wounds and our shadows.


There was something missing, I could not speak nor full incorporate all that I do in the scope of “therapy” I needed to have more freedom to bring more of me into the space with clients, the work I do and how I talk about it. I did find ways around it, and my clients (those who were open to it) always got the full me, but I wanted and needed more...

With this as my backdrop, it makes sense that the Wealth Matrix Academy was born, as it means I can continue working with these amazing clients, and can have a wider reach and bring even more of me into the world, after all, I am all about bringing more of oneself into the world, working through our shadows and expanding, in ourselves, for our close relationships and for the the world at large.

I will continue my therapy practice for South African clients for this year, as the Wealth Matrix Academy continues to grow. (South Africans can work with me 1-1 in either the therapy or the Wealth Matrix Streams. I only work on all things linked to  money and business in the latter - you do get more of me, and I do work differently in each. 

Follow your heart, your soul, your self-trust.

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