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The Decision to Invest in yourself

One of the things I hold dear is my personal and professional development. I have in the last few years, also added my business development into the mix.

What that means is, I have a list of people, courses I want to work with, and I also know that as I create the levels of success I hold in my heart, I will also be doing the personal development work, it all goes together for me, and seeing you are here, for you too.

Recently I had someone ask me a few questions:

💫How soon will I see the effects of the work I do with you?

💫How do you decide who to work with?

💫And how much have you paid for your mentoring?

💫How soon will I see the effects of the work I do with you?

Here's the truth - I don't know...

The fact is, it could be immediate, you could walk away from session 1, and take inspired action, or feel something shift within you, and see the effects of it immediately.

You could also complete the entire process and see nothing immediate and just notice tiny tweaks in months to come.

💫 For the other 2:

I worked with a client recently who invested in something and it didn't work out as she anticipated. It led to self-doubt, anxiety, and she felt really judged in the space.

Here's what I want you to know:

Whenever I invest (yes, that's how I see it) in any of the areas, I do it knowing that it could truly benefit me, there is a nudging from inside me.

I am also aware (because I have been around a while) that sometimes I may think or feel it didn't work, sometimes I will be disappointed, sometimes it will be beyond my wildest dreams. Sometimes it is truly a mistake.

For me, the most important thing is to come back to me, come back to knowing everything is a risk, and also knowing that if something works, it really could and does change my reality.

Sometimes also there are incremental changes and sometimes there are quantum leaps.

I whole-heartedly choosing the investment I decide to take. Knowing, that I see the value, and invest in that, and that it may, or may not give me the ROI I desire, but it is ok, and it is still my choosing and I would probably do it again.

Why? Because I choose me, I back me, I am on a road with a plan and a dream, and I will do what I feel drawn to do to move me there. And yes, some of that would be amazing, and some of it will not be a good fit. Will I stop? NEVER!

With my client above, we worked through her feelings, we neutralised them, we healed the hurt, and we also heard that underneath that was the fear of what happens if I go against the grain - the truth - you can sometimes find your truth. With that, she felt free, acceptance of her decision and why she made it, and she could see what she gained, even if it wasn't what she expected and it wasn't tangible.

So, no matter what, choose your nudgings, make a plan if it means going into debt - mindful debt and knowing how you will pay it is ok...(I have a masterclass around debt, have a look if you keen) and feel your path pulling you towards it, as you reach for your dreams, and most of all, breathe those dreams in.

And if it doesn't pan out, don't beat yourself up, lets neutralise the impact and expand you even more! Let's work on what it brought up for you and go into another layer of healing and expansion.

Let's use it to move you to your next level.


ps I still offer therapy to South African clients, but we do not cover money or business in it.

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