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Online Therapy vs In-Person Therapy

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

I'm often asked if online therapy and in-person therapy is the same, and if they can get the same results.

Personally, I only have online sessions for myself, most of the coaches and therapists I use are not in South Africa, and when they are, convenience and travel time is important for me.

In truth I recommend a hybrid approach, where you see me in-person perhaps once or twice a month and online the rest of the time if you do weekly or twice a week sessions. If you do once in 2 week sessions, then online could be a viable option.

The difference in the in-person and online sessions is also based on what type of therapy/coaching you are having. If its Psychoanalysis, then yes, in person is probably best. If its dealing with anything else, and if you an Entrepreneur, the hybrid approach will work.

Making the Most of Online Sessions

- The set-up: make sure you are in a safe, confidential place. Set up your appointment at a time which you know will be optimal for your session. Make sure your internet is stable and you have alternatives. Sit in a manner as you would if you were in an inperson setting. Have your notifications turned off. Try and sit in the same place for each session. Take time to make yourself present for each session, and if you need help in doing so, ask, and we can do a grounding exercise. Hide your self-view if you feel self-conscious. Pin me. Sit back in your chair, so you really feel yourself present and with me. Have me at eye level, and know where your camera is, so when you look at the screen you looking at the camera and at me.

- Its also ok, to have moments of silence in sessions, as you would in in-person sessions, to pause, reflect, think, gaze out the window.

- All my processes is effective in-person and online, you just have to make sure you create the environment to be present in and for them. Have 10 minutes before your session to switch off all things you are busy with, take time to reflect and land, and be ready for the process of healing, transformation and therapy. Have 10 - 20 minutes after your session to reflect and gently start integration back into your life.

- Remember this is not a normal meeting, but a therapy/coaching session and so you need to make sure you get yourself in the right frame of mind as you would if you were meeting me in person.

- Regardless of whether I am seeing you in-person or online, this is a process of connection, and relationship, and you will get out what you put in. What you put in, requires reflection, time, moments of silence and moments of looking out the window as you are present with yourself, with me and the process. If you notice things happening in your body, or perhaps you have a leg moving, just gently share that.

The only time I really encourage in-person sessions are with high-conflict couples who aren't able to pause and hear each other. Of if you know you will be distracted and unable to shut off from your life, and work in your environment. Other than that, if you create the right environment/conditions, online sessions are transformative, healing and will give you exactly what you can get in-person.

I look forward to seeing you soon. Schedule here


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