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Preparing for 2022

I hope you are having a lovely festive season, and if its tricky, as this time of year really can be, be gentle with you and those around you.

As the time after Christmas and before the New Year unfolds, its a lovely time to take a few moments and reflect.

However, as you prepare for the upcoming year, it is also important to reflect on the on that is passing.

Here's some questions to guide you:


- What changed, based on your dreams and desires, how did it bring you closer to it?

- What threw you off track? Was it in your control, or not? Could you have influenced it? Could you have done something different?

- Do you need to forgive yourself for any decisions you made?

- Do you need to forgive someone else - is it time and can you?

- what did you learn about yourself?

- what promises can you make to yourself to honour yourself and the highest wish for yourself?


- what are your goals - personal, professional, relationships

- what are your non-negotiables?

- where do you want to be at the end of 2022

- what are any known obstacles?

- what can you put in place for them?

- what can you put in place to support you in your focus of your dreams?

My 2022 diary is open. Schedule an appointment soon. Be gentle and be safe.

Will pop in again in 2022, once I am back from leave, to share with you about getting over disappointments.


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