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Tis the season to be Jolly?

Happy December to you All!

For so many people this is a time of connection, celebration and relaxation. However for almost as many people, this is a time which is really difficult. Perhaps this is due to events in the year, or family estrangements, or there are tricky family dynamics. It is also an excruciating time for people with developmental trauma. It can be a time of feeling extremely low, and alone, and the suicide rates do increase at this time.

It is really important that you practice self - care during this time. That you have times in the day, and days in the week where you do things just for you. That you set up baby-sitters if you need. That as a couple, you make sure you have check-in time.

Its also really OKAY to use little white lies - if you are invited to Christmas or New Year and you know its not where you want, it really is okay to say you can't make it - whether you say you have been in contact with someone with Covid, or you have been called into an urgent deadline, or a friend in crisis, it is truly okay to take care of yourself and your needs at this time (and all times).

And while you do that, reach out to those you know truly have your back, and if you know they busy, then use this time as pure self-pampering and care - read your favourite book, binge watch your favourite movies and series, and if you can, book yourself a spa treatment, or 2 nights away.

Whatever you need to make this a time where you feel nourished and safe during this time, do that. And if you have the power to, make it a special time for someone else too. A simple act of kindness or nurturing goes a long way.

Much love as always


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