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How to deal with big changes in your life

Updated: May 1, 2020

Change is the only thing we can count on in life. And when change happens we need to remember the following:

1. Breathe - we do not need to respond or react straight away. Breathe, let the various part of our brain have the time to all come into action - some part of our brain - our executive functioning, take longer to come into action. Breathing allows us the time and space for that to happen.

2. Go Slow - most change happens slowly, and we need to make sure we pause before we respond and allow our brain-body system the time and space to catch up.

3. There are very few things in life that are truly a crisis, that requires urgent and in the moment action. When these things do occur, our system is geared to kick in an act. For the rest, we require time and space to process and respond.

4. Re-evaluate - remember with every change, every decision, we, for the most part, will also have the ability to make another decision and choice - very few choices are set in stone. Think about what skills and tools you may need to assist you, go do it...

5. Get support, whether that is with friends and/or professionals get support to help you through the change.

6. Exhale - at each step and point exhale, adjust, recalibrate.

7. be. grateful - even when change is hard, find something to be grateful for. however small.

8. Think of the bigger picture and sometimes just the little steps - they are both important and necessary. When the bigger picture isn't possible, think of the next step - that's all.

9. Be kind and gentle with yourself and others in times of change.

10. Trust the process of life, and yourself, knowing you have gone through change before, and you will again.

Wishing you strength, kindness and gentleness as you go through change and let it settle so you can be confident and thrive in it.

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