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Setbacks and Disappointments

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Welcome to 2022!

For planning for 2022, view a past Blog :)

In this one I am going to give you a few tips on navigating setbacks and disappointments. It's not the exhaustive list, but some thoughts and ideas to help you.

I am not sure how your festive season is going, mine has been a real mixed bag and so I thought I would share with you how to navigate it :)

For various reasons, my holiday season began with a series of thwarted plans! And quickly I had to figure things out...

Here are some of what I used:

  1. Allow yourself to grieve.

When plans change, it's natural to feel things, allow yourself to feel them in a mindful way. Let the feeling be with you and move through you.

2. Reach out to People

Reach out to the trusted people who have your back, and a gentle ear. Let them know what's happening, let them hold you and receive it, so you can hold you.

3. Refocus

While you grieve, also allow yourself to refocus. What is in your control. Is this something you just have to surrender to and let it pass, or is there something you can do to salvage something, even if its not what you planned. What is appropriate for the context and what is happening

4. Self-Care

What can you put in place that will nurture you and take care of you and those around you. What acts of kindness can you do for you and for them, or ask them to do for you?

I hope this helps you navigate any setback and disappointments you may have.

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Be gentle


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