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Vulnerability and Bravery - Naked Attraction

This weekend my partner and I watched a new British series on Showmax - Naked Attraction. In this show a person chooses a date based on viewing the potential candidates naked. They reveal the bottom half, then the top half, then they hear their voice. At each stage the person choosing shares what they like or don't...and eliminates one person. At the end, before the final choice, the person doing the choosing, also gets naked...There was all varieties of sexuality and all varieties of bodies, it was the most beautiful thing I saw. I felt so warm and connected and humbled and proud to be human and part of a world where this is possible. My heart felt whole and love.

I was surprised that this was firstly British, with their still upper lips, and at the same time it indicates a certain level of maturity in the society (well at least on this area)...I wonder what it would take for all societies to be able to be this mature, and in many other areas too?

I felt in my being that each person who participates displays vulnerability and bravery all in one moment, not only to the person choosing, but to themselves, the other participants, and knowing that friends and family will be witnessing this too.

I could see the insecurities in the eyes and stance at times, yet they were still there, present, taking risks and being vulnerable and brave. It was the epitome of what bravery and vulnerability is - reaching gently is brave and see if the other receives it or not - knowing in your heart that if they do not, it is about them, not about you, (and sometimes we have to learn to receive it). Of course there are times, we need to not show up this way, and that too is brave.

Watching it also led to all kinds of conversations between my partner and I, vulnerable sharing, laughter, awe and moments of connection and shyness between us. A beautiful conversation starter where we already thought we spoke so freely.

The questions I was left with and I leave with you - where do you need to show up in your nakedness and take the risk to be received (knowing there is a possibility of rejection).

Where can your nakedness be witnessed in safe way? How can you co-create that?

If you in a relationship, what conversations can let you share the nakedness of your being?

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